ZStack is open source IaaS (infrastructure as a service) software designed to automate datacenters and manage resources of compute, storage and networking through APIs. It is designed to tackle obstacles which prevent enterprises from adopting a private cloud in architectural design. Simplicity, stability, scalability, and extensibility are the main concerns in ZStack’s architectural design, which were taken into consideration from the very beginning.

1. ZStack Cloud

ZStack Cloud Community provides a simple, easy-to-obtain productized private cloud platform with well-designed features for community users such as teachers, students, and cloud computing enthusiasts. You can apply for a free download to build your own private cloud platform and experience the compute, storage, and network features and services.
  • Advantages

Complete Virtualization Features

Flexible, Secure, and Scalable Network Features

ZStack Cloud Basic provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level virtualization platform to meet customers’ needs for unified management of virtualized resources.
  • Advantages

Server Virtualization

Simple and Efficient O&M

One-click IT Transformation

ZStack Cloud Standard includes a full set of compute, storage, and network virtualization features and allows users to allocate and expand their resources on demand.
  • Advantages

Complete Virtualization Features

Flexible, Secure, and Scalable Network Features

ZStack Cloud Hybrid seamlessly interconnects the control plane and the data plane, bringing users an ultimate, easy-to-use hybrid cloud experience.
  • Advantages


Business Disaster Recovery

Unified Control

One-Click Cloud Migration

Security Protection

Value-added Public Cloud Services

ZStack Cloud Enterprise is a productized Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software that provides a unified platform to manage compute, network, and storage resources in data centers.
  • Advantages

Independent Intellectual Property Rights

One-Click Seamless Upgrade

High Availability

Quick Installation and Deployment

Supportive of Existing Servers and Hardware-Independent

Well-Designed and Resourceful Features

2. ZStack Ceph Enterprise

ZStack Ceph Enterprise is a distributed software-defined storage product with industry-leading performance, reliability, and manageability. It helps large enterprises and operators build tens of PB scale storage pool.
  • Advantages

Continuously, Linearly Increased High Performance

Service Quality Assurance

Reliability Guarantee

Extensive Customer Application Interfaces

High Usability and Manageability

Storage Acceleration Engine

3. ZStack CMP

ZStack CMP provides full lifecycle management that covers multi-cloud resource access, provisioning, use, planning, service delivery, application deployment, O&M, resource billing, and resource recycling.
  • Advantages

Multi-Cloud Access

Full-Stack Resource Management

Intelligent Monitoring and O&M

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Multi-dimensional Operational Support









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