Cài đặt và cấu hình kubectl

Công cụ command-line trong Kubernetes, kubectl, cho phép bạn thực thi các câu lệnh trong Kubernetes clusters. Bạn có thể sử dụng kubectl để triển khai các ứng dụng, theo dõi và quản lý tài nguyên của cluster, và xem log.

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Introduction to Kubernetes

Let’s get into it.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you’ve heard this buzzword “Kubernetes” (K8s) and you’re likely to be in the technology space. You would also likely have some idea of what containerization (or synonymously known as Docker / dockerization) is, so I would skip over the details of that and jump straight into what K8s is.

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Hướng dẫn cài đặt ZStack Management Node

ZStack là phần mềm IaaS (infrastructure as a service) mã nguồn mở được thiết kế để tự động hóa các trung tâm dữ liệu và quản lý tài nguyên của máy tính, lưu trữ và mạng thông qua các API. Nó được thiết kế để giải quyết những trở ngại ngăn cản các doanh nghiệp áp dụng đám mây riêng trong thiết kế kiến trúc. Tính đơn giản, ổn định, khả năng mở rộng và khả năng mở rộng (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable) là những mối quan tâm chính trong thiết kế kiến trúc của ZStack, đã được xem xét ngay từ đầu.

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Top Commands For Ceph Administrator

Ceph is an open source software-defined storage solution designed to address the block, file and object storage needs of modern enterprises. Its highly scalable architecture sees it being adopted as the new norm for high-growth block storage, object stores, and data lakes. Ceph provides reliable and scalable storage while keeping CAPEX and OPEX costs in line with underlying commodity hardware prices.

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What Is DNS?

DNS Definition

The Domain Name System (DNS) turns domain names into IP addresses, which browsers use to load internet pages. Every device connected to the internet has its own IP address, which is used by other devices to locate the device. DNS servers make it possible for people to input normal words into their browsers, such as Fortinet.com, without having to keep track of the IP address for every website.

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What Is WordPress?

What is WordPress? Explained for Beginners.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It’s a popular tool for individuals without any coding experience who want to build websites and blogs. The software doesn’t cost anything. Anyone can install, use, and modify it for free.

At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 43.3% of all the websites on the Internet. Yes – more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress.

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What Is DevOps?

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

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How to install OpenVPN

OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN (virtual private network). It implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network extension using the SSL/TLS protocol. It is an open source software and distributed under the GNU GPL. A VPN allows you to connect securely to an insecure public network such as wifi network at anywhere. VPN is also required to access your corporate or enterprise or home server resources. You can bypass geo-blocked site and increase your privacy or safety online. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for configuring an OpenVPN “road warrior” server on Linux including ufw/iptables firewall configuration

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How to install WireGuard VPN with Docker

WireGuard® is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. It aims to be fastersimpler, leaner, and more useful than IPsec, while avoiding the massive headache. It intends to be considerably more performant than OpenVPN. WireGuard is designed as a general purpose VPN for running on embedded interfaces and super computers alike, fit for many different circumstances. Initially released for the Linux kernel, it is now cross-platform (Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, Android) and widely deployable. It is currently under heavy development, but already it might be regarded as the most secure, easiest to use, and simplest VPN solution in the industry.

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How to install Nginx Proxy Manager

A Reverse Proxy is a web server that can put in front of another web server or a web service. It can encrypt outgoing traffic, act as a load balancer, redirect traffic, and offer protection. Nginx web server can be used as a proxy server in front of traditional servers, but sometimes setting it up can be tedious and cause issues if not done properly.

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