Instant Server Service: Instructions For Use

This is a guide to use Instant Server service at VinaHost. For support, please feel free to contact VinaHost via Hotline 1900 6046 ext.3, email to or chat with us by livechat

1. How to start, shutdown, reboot and reset server 

At Server Status section, you can start, shutdown, reboot and reset the server by yourself.

  • Reboot: Restart the server.
  • Shutdown: Turn off the server.
  • Reset: Quickly reboot the server.

If the server is off, please select Start to turn on the server.

2. How to reinstall the operating system

Step 1: To reinstall the operating system (OS), please go to Server Management 🡪 Reinstall.

Step 2: At “Reinstall the operating system” screen, please make configuration as below.

  • IP Address: Server’s IP address
  • Hostname: Reset Hostname for the server
  • Operating System: Select the operating system for the server
  • Root Password: Select to set the root password.
  • Root Password (again): Re-enter the root password
  • Additional User (optional): If you use Ubuntu / Debian / FreeBSD OS, please create one more user
  • User: Enter user information
  • Password: Enter the password
  • Password (again): Re-enter the password

After the configuration is complete, please select Start Installation to reinstall the operating system.

3. How to use Rescue Mode feature

Step 1: To use Resuce Mode feature, go to Server Management 🡪 Rescue Mode.

After you click on this icon, the system shows the configuration as below. Please select Start Rescue.

Step 2: The system boots into rescue mode. After this process is complete, you can SSH into the server via Rescue mode with the IP, Username, Password Information provided when configuring Active Rescue Mode.

4. How to use KVM Console feature

To use KVM Console feature, please go to Server Management 🡪 KVM Console.

The browser will download a file with the extension .jnlp to your computer.

When you open this file, you will see a screen like the one below. To open the file, you need to install Java on your computer.


Tại đây có ba lựa chọn để Quý khách có thể theo dõi băng thông trong vòng 24 giờ (24 Hours), một tháng (1 Month) hoặc từ lúc đã đăng kí dịch vụ với lựa chọn là All Time.

5. How to monitor bandwidth

To monitor server bandwidth, please go to Server Graphs 🡪 Network.

There are 3 options for you to monitor bandwidth: 24 Hours, 1 Month and  All Time (from the time you sign up for the service until now).

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