GIT – RAR files are in compressed archive format, if you have downloaded rar files from the Internet, you need to unpack or unrar them (extract rar files).

RAR is a proprietary file format for data compression and archiving, developed by Eugene Roshal. The used to extract these files is called “unrar”. By default, unrar is not being installed on , FreeBSD or UNIX like operating system. You can unrar command with the help of apt-get or yum command.

Install unrar command

Under or Linux, you need to type apt-get command as follows to install unrar program:

# apt-get install unrar

If you are using Fedora core Linux / / RHEL, use yum command as follows :

# yum install unrar

If you are using FreeBSD, enter:

# pkg_add -v -r unrar

If any of above, methods is not working for you, binary package from official rarlab site:

$ cd /tmp

$ wget ( 32bit )
$ wget ( 64bit )

Next, untar file, enter:

$ tar -zxvf rarlinux-x64-4.2.0.tar.gz

Both unrar and rar commands are located in rar sub-directory. Just cd to rar directory, type:

$ cd rar

$ ./unrar

Now copy rar and unrar file to /bin directory, type:

# cp rar unrar /bin

HowTo: Use unrar Command

The unrar command supports various options, below are common options that you need to for extracting files.

Task: Exreact rar (unpack) File

To extract file.rar file into the current directory, enter:

$ unrar e file.rar

Task: List (l) file inside rar archive:

$ unrar l file.rar

Task: To extract (x) files with full path type command:

$ unrar x file.rar

(D) To test (t) integrity of archive, file type command:

$ unrar t file.rar

– Nếu bạn gặp lỗi: version `GLIBC_2.7′ not found (required by unrar) thì do bạn cài phiên bản unrar cao hơn 3.8, lúc này phải nâng cấp version của glibc lên 2.8 để fix nhé.

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