GIT – has a status module that provides statistics on connections and requests. This shell script reads and reformats those stats and adds a few useful bits of information.

Compared to Apache’s ‘server-status’ module, Nginx’s status reporting is rather feature-limited. Moreover it’s a bit cryptic.

You can read about ‘nginx_status’ here:

This script reformats the numbers from nginx_status into a more readible display and adds a few things:

  • Nginx uptime;
  • Requests/connection (which should give an idea of how effective your keepalive is);
  • Requests/second (an overall measure of the busy-ness of your server).

Here’s the script:


  1. First you must get the nginx_status module working. See the Nginx wiki link above;
  2. Get the script;
  3. Open it in an editor and adjust the two settings at top;
  4. Make it executable and run it.
[email protected]:~$ ./

Nginx up 40 minutes

Active connections: 4
Reading: 0 Writing: 1 Waiting: 3

Connections Accepted: 249
 Connections Handled: 249
      Total Requests: 419

 Requests/Connection: 1.7
     Requests/Second: 0.2
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