Very similar to the CentOS6 / RHEL setup, I pulled the following from the doc here.

First, add the repo that provides the srvadmin packages:

[email protected]:~# echo 'deb /' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

Next you need to download the OMSA repo key and add it to apt to verify the packages:

[email protected]:~# gpg --keyserver --recv-key 1285491434D8786F
[email protected]:~# gpg -a --export 1285491434D8786F | sudo apt-key add -

Now, update apt.

sudo apt-get update

srvadmin-idrac7 to provide racadm

[email protected]:~# sudo apt-get install srvadmin-idrac7

The install appends the new srvadmin/sbin directory to $PATH (like the install) so you will need to logout for the changes to take effect. Or, you can run the racadm utility using the full path (most likely /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/racadm) .

     After the install process completes, you may need
     to log out and then log in again to reset the PATH
     variable to access the Dell OpenManage CLI utilities

Now you can run the racadm utility:

[email protected]:~# /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/racadm -r -u  -p calvin help

 Alert: Certificate is invalid - self signed certificate
Continuing execution. Use -S option for racadm to stop execution on certificate-related errors.

 help [subcommand]    -- display usage summary for a subcommand
 arp                  -- display the networking ARP table
 clearasrscreen       -- clear the last ASR (crash) screen
 closessn             -- close a session
 clrraclog            -- clear the RAC log
 clrsel               -- clear the System Event Log (SEL)
 config               -- Deprecated: modify RAC configuration properties
 coredump             -- display the last RAC coredump
 coredumpdelete       -- delete the last RAC coredump
 eventfilters         -- Alerts configuration commands
 fwupdate             -- update the RAC firmware
 get                  -- display RAC configuration properties
 getconfig            -- Deprecated: display RAC configuration properties
 getled               -- Get the state of the LED on a module.
 getniccfg            -- display current network settings
 getraclog            -- display the RAC log
 getractime           -- display the current RAC time
 getsel               -- display records from the System Event Log (SEL)
 getsensorinfo        -- display system sensors
 getssninfo           -- display session information
 getsvctag            -- display service tag information
 getsysinfo           -- display general RAC and system information
 gettracelog          -- display the RAC diagnostic trace log
 getuscversion        -- display the current USC version details
 getversion           -- display the current version details
 ifconfig             -- display network interface information
 inlettemphistory     -- inlet temperature history operations
 krbkeytabupload      -- upload kerberose keytab file to the RAC
 lclog                -- LCLog operations
 frontpanelerror      -- hide LCD errors - color amber to blue
 netstat              -- display routing table and network statistics
 ping                 -- send ICMP echo packets on the network
 ping6                -- send ICMP echo packets on the network
 racdump              -- display RAC diagnostic information
 racinternalversion   -- Deprecated: Internal command for version exchange
 racreset             -- perform a RAC reset operation
 racresetcfg          -- restore the RAC configuration to factory defaults
 remoteimage          -- make a remote ISO image available to the 
 serveraction         -- perform system power management operations
 set                  -- modify RAC configuration properties
 setled               -- Set the state of the LED on a module.
 setniccfg            -- modify network configuration properties
 sshpkauth            -- manage SSH PK authentication keys on the RAC
 sslcertupload        -- upload an SSL certificate to the RAC
 sslcertdelete        -- delete an SSL certificate on the iDRAC
 sslcertdownload      -- download an SSL certificate from the RAC
 sslcertview          -- view SSL certificate information
 sslcsrgen            -- generate a certificate CSR from the RAC
 sslEncryptionStrength -- Display or modify the SSL Encryption strength.
 sslkeyupload         -- upload an SSL key to the RAC
 sslresetcfg          -- resets the web certificate to default and restarts the web .
 testemail            -- test RAC e-mail notifications
 testtrap             -- test RAC SNMP trap notifications
 testalert            -- test RAC SNMP - FQDN trap notifications
 traceroute           -- print the route packets trace to network host
 traceroute6          -- print the route packets trace to network host
 usercertupload       -- upload an user certificate to the DRAC
 usercertview         -- view user certificate information
 vflashpartition      -- manage partitions on the vFlash SD card
 vflashsd             -- perform vFlash SD Card initialization
 vmdisconnect         -- disconnect Virtual Media connections
 vmkey                -- Deprecated: perform vFlash operations
 license              -- License Manager commands
 debug                -- Field Service Debug Authorization facility commands
                  -- Monitoring and Inventory of H/W  connected to the .
 hwinventory          -- Monitoring and Inventory of H/W NICs connected to the .
 nicstatistics        -- Statistics for NICs connected to the .
 fcstatistics         -- Statistics for FCs connected to the .
 update               -- Platform Update of the devices on the 
 jobqueue             -- Jobqueue of of the jobs currently scheduled
 systemconfig         --  &/or Restore of iDRAC Config and Firmware


idRacInfo            -- Information about iDRAC being queried
cfgRemoteHosts       -- Properties for configuration of the SMTP server
cfgUserAdmin         -- Information about iDRAC users
cfgEmailAlert        -- Parameters to configure e-mail alerting capabilities
cfgSessionManagement -- Information of the session Properties
cfgSerial            -- Provides configuration parameters for the iDRAC
cfgOobSnmp           -- Configuration of the SNMP agent and trap capabilities
cfgRacTuning         -- Configuration for various iDRAC properties.
ifcRacManagedNodeOs  -- Properties of the managed server OS
cfgRacSecurity       -- Configure SSL certificate signing request settings
cfgRacVirtual        -- Configuration Properties for iDRAC Virtual Media
cfgActiveDirectory   -- Configuration of the iDRAC Active Directory feature
cfgLDAP              -- Configuration properties for LDAP settings
cfgLdapRoleGroup     -- Configuration of role groups for LDAP
cfgLogging           -- Group Description for group cfgLogging
cfgStandardSchema    -- Configuration of AD standard schema settings
cfgIpmiSerial        -- Properties to configure the IPMI serial interface
cfgIpmiSol           -- Configuration the SOL capabilities of the system
cfgIpmiLan           -- Configuration the IPMI over LAN of the system
cfgIpmiPef           -- Configuration the platform event filters
cfgServerPower       -- Provides power management features
cfgServerPowerSupply -- Provides information related to the power supplies
cfgVFlashSD          -- Configure the properties for the vFlash SD card
cfgVFlashPartition   -- Configure partitions on the vFlash SD Card
cfgUserDomain        -- Configure the Active Directory user domain names
cfgSmartCard         -- Properties to access iDRAC using a smart card
cfgServerInfo        -- Configuration of first boot device
cfgSensorRedundancy  -- Configure the power supply redundancy
cfgLanNetworking     -- Parameters to configure the iDRAC NIC
cfgStaticLanNetworking -- Parameters to configure the iDRAC NIC
cfgNetTuning         -- Group Description for group cfgNetTuning
cfgIPv6LanNetworking -- Configuration of the IPv6 over LAN networking
cfgIPv6StaticLanNetworking -- Configuration of the IPv6 over LAN networking
cfgIPv6URL           -- Configuration of the iDRAC IPv6 URL.

For Help on configuring the properties of a group - racadm help config

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