To fix several vulnerabilities or TO FIX DELL SERVER IDRAC PROBLEM: UNABLE TO LOAD RESOURCE: AVCTKVM.JAR in the firmware, follow these instructions to and upgrade the firmware in a iDRAC7.

This solution requires that the iDRAC7 be configured and enabled and accessible through a web browser.

If the iDRAC7 is not configured and not connected to a network there is no reason to upgrade the firmware. 

DRAC5 Home

iDRAC6 Home

iDRAC7 Home

iDRAC8 Home

iDRAC9 Home

Link to the latest Dell iDRAC7 1.57.57 firmware:

Download the following files:
1. iDRAC7__1.57.57__A00.exe
2. iDRAC7_1 57 57_A_ReleaseNotes.pdf or iDRAC7_1 57 57_A_ReleaseNotes.txt
3. ESM_Firmware_XH6FX_LN_1.57.57_A00.BIN (optional)

The first contains the firmware image (firmimg.d7) you will need in the detailed steps below.

The second file contains the release notes and other useful information on installation.

The third file is the file you will need if you cannot update the firmware via the .  This file is optional.

The installation instructions are as follows:

From a workstation, remotely update the firmware using the iDRAC7 Web interface:
1. Extract the firmware image self-extracting file to the management station.
2. Open the iDRAC7 Web interface using a supported Web browser.
3. Log in as or another administrator level account.
4. Go to Overview -> iDRAC Settings -> Update and Rollback -> Update. The Firmware Update page is displayed.

5. Click Browse, select the .d7 firmware image file that you extracted (step 1) and click Upload.
6. Wait for the upload to complete. After the upload is completed, the Update Details section displays the firmware file uploaded to iDRAC and the status.
7. Select the firmware file and click Next or .  When you click Next or ou will see a progress report of the update status displayed.
8. When the update completes, close this browser window, wait 2 to 5 minutes for the iDRAC to reboot and connect via a new browser window.

Only the iDRAC will reboot at the end of the process.  The appliance operating system will not reboot.

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