It’s seemingly easy to Tools especially on . In reality, it can take hours to get it installed correctly for the first time. The KB article on VMware site is unnecessarily complicated, and could be a source of confusion.

Here is one line to get your Open VMware Tools installed on 7.

#  install -y open--tools
sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools ( for Ubuntu - Debian )

Once it’s installed, you should able to see the :

# ls /usr/bin/vmtoolsd

After this is done, you won’t see it running from the Web Client. To get it running, you can simply reboot the

# reboot

Resetting the virtual machine will also do the job.

Notice, the above has been tested on multiple CentOS 7 minimal install. It should also works for earlier version 6. If not working for you, please leave a comment.

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